• Decot Hy-Wyd Revel Shooting Glasses Hunting Package

Decot Hy-Wyd Revel Shooting Glasses Hunting Package


  • 64
  • 68
  • Silver frame
  • Black non-reflective finish frame
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Product details

This new addition to the Decot line of fine shooting glasses is made to the same high standards as its predecessors. The wrap design will provide the high fit needed for shooting as well as provide a closer form fit to the face. The narrow lens design will still allow for proper ventilation and help reduce fogging often associated with the wrap design.                

All packages include a frame, the lenses that are included with the package, one of our new Zipper style protective cases, side shields, microfiber cleaning cloth, and spray cleaner.

The Hunting Package includes:

  • A set of Gold Light Medium 15 lenses for first light or hunts close to sunsey
  • A pair of V-Lite Rose Lite Medium 1 lenses for daytime Pheasant, Quail or any upland game hunting
  • And finally a Bronze Medium 2 designed to increase contrast of prey against outdoor background color

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