• Decot Classic Hy-Wyd Shooting Glasses Hunting Package

Decot Classic Hy-Wyd Shooting Glasses Hunting Package


  • 64 Jr./Ladies
  • 67
  • 69 Extra Large
  • 24K Gold electroplate
  • Black non-reflective finish
  • Hunting Package
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Product details

Hand made in the USA, this unique shooting glass has quality material and craftsmanship design

    The package includes frame, lenses listed in the package, one of the new Zipper style protective cases, side shields, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and spray cleaner.

    The Hunting Package includes:

    • A set of Gold Light Medium 15 lenses for first light or hunts close to sunsey
    • A pair of V-Lite Rose Lite Medium 1 lenses for daytime Pheasant, Quail or any upland game hunting
    • And finally a Bronze Medium 2 designed to increase contrast of prey against outdoor background color

    Note Regarding Perscription and Non-Perscription Lenses:

    Decot makes non-prescription and prescription lenses for Decot Sport Glasses as well as Post 4, Ranger, Browning, Serengeti, B&L Shooters, and Zeiss Shooting Glasses. Plano (non-pres garten cription), single vision prescription, and bifocal lenses are available. Bifocals are usually done in a small “round 24” for shotgun sports and in flat top 28 or 35 for everyday and fishing use.  For pistol shooting, you may choose to have bifocal inverted, or you may want to have your “aiming eye” lens in an intermediate power.

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