Checklist - Waterfowl Hunting

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Identification & License

  • Government Issued I.D.
  • Hunting License
  • Federal and State Duck Stamps
  • Gun Permit if required at location
  • Waterproof Dry Case to protect your legal documents, phone, etc

Guns & Ammo

  • Shotgun
  • Ammo - Steel or other Non-toxic
  • Choke Tubes
  • Floating Waterproof Gun Case recommended in camouflage
  • Field bag or Backpack
  • Guntools

Clean and Carry Game

  • Knife
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Game Carrier
  • Resealable Plastic Bags
  • Cooler

What to Wear

  • Hunting Shirt in camouflage
  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket in camouflage
  • Hat or Cap in camouflage
  • Face Paint or Mask in camouflage
  • Gloves with or without insulation weather dependent
  • Hand muff
  • Long underwear or layers with moisture wicking and insulation weather dependent
  • Pants or Overalls in camouflage
  • Neoprene Pant or Ankle Garter that wrap around ankle to hold pant leg in place when putting on waders
  • Socks made of alpaca or wool - thickness weather dependent
  • Chest Waders or Hip Waders in camouflage or Boots that are waterproof and snake proof
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Protective Earmuffs or Earplugs

Tools to Lure Game

  • Calls (e.g. Duck, goose)
  • Decoys: 2 dozen decoys with decoy anchors, bag, cord, weights, and gaff hook for decoy recovery
  • Blind
  • Seat or Stool
  • Binoculars

What else to bring - Better be safe than sorry!

  • Wading staff to help you walk through water
  • Life jacket if in a boat
  • Rain Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Glass and Lens Cleaner
  • Flashlight and/or Headlamp
  • Hand Warmers
  • Foot Warmers
  • Insect Repellent
  • Wader Repair Kit
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Snacks
  • Water

For Your Dogs

  • Dog Blind in camouflage
  • Insulated Dog Vest in camouflage
  • Boots
  • Electronic Collar
  • Whistle
  • Leash
  • Travel Kennel
  • Bowl
  • Food
  • Water