Get to Know Us


The Basics

Arden Hunters Guild was born out of frustration. The four of us founders had been unsatisfied by the apparent lack of field apparel made for women who demand function, fit and quality. We could only find limited items that met our standards by dedicating hours to searching online and going to multiple stores—desperately turning to wearing men’s and boy’s clothing. We found ourselves venting to each other, and the idea was born.

Arden Hunters Guild is focused on outfitting women who enjoy hunting & shooting. We know that this lifestyle inspires and resonates with women, so our mission is to make it more accessible to all the ladies interested in fun and adventure. We want to remove the obstacles deterring women from going out into the field with confidence, comfort and style by providing:

-Quality attire cut for women
-Practical information on guns & gear
-Social events and opportunities to practice and have fun

So, we created Arden Hunters Guild to bring reliable attire, equipment, knowledge, and fun into one place.


The Breakdown

We are committed to honoring the tradition of hunting and shooting sports by promoting them, and the lifestyle that comes with them, among women. At we focus on three ways to fulfill our commitment:

1. Making Apparel & Gear Accessible

Finding the best apparel and gear is equal parts labor and luck. So, we created Arden Hunters Guild to get rid of the frustration. Our job is to find the best products made for women—we evaluate quality, performance, style and fit. We bring them together on a single, intuitive platform to make finding the right gear easy and fun.

2. Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

The best way to promote hunting sports is to make them accessible. Advice is the key to finding what you need and learning how to maximize the use of your gear. Most hunters learn from other hunters, and this time-honored tradition can only continue to exist and grow if we teach each other. So, we made knowledge sharing a central part of our platform. For novice hunters we offer Basic Checklists to help you get started on finding What You Need. For both novice and experienced hunters, we have gathered practical information on, our newsletters, and social media.

3. Creating The Guild

We learn more and have more fun when we share our passion with others that also enrich their lives through the practice of these sports. Our Guild of women will have access to social events around the country. These exclusive events will enable a tight-knit community of women to enjoy what they like together.


We’ve been fortunate to work with vendors and business owners who share our vision and believe in our mission of making shooting and hunting more accessible to women. We are proud to feature their products and advice on our website. We welcome your input as we continue to tailor our Arden Hunters Guild events, posts and products to fit your expectations and interests.

Very truly yours,